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Animefaceoff.com is based on sharing some useful information that anime lovers are looking for everywhere on the Internet.

How do we get that Information

We have a group of members who are into Animes for years now and their assumptions are correct most of the time as they research a lot to prove what they say. So, you guys should rely on some professionals and real anime lovers not on some fake websites with copied or fake information.

Why was AnimeFaceoff Created?

The idea behind this was to share some useful knowledge with the users. Now after making a group of professionals, we have launched this website to solve all your queries related to animes.

For now we are covering some categories like:

Popular Animes

Anime Next Season Information

About the Author (Ryan Garcia)

Author animefaceoff

I got to know about animes in 2004 and the first anime I watched was Desert Punk. Till now I’ve seen hundreds of them and I really enjoy watching them along with my co-members.

Some of our Favourite Animes of all time are Brotherhood, Koi Kaze, Accel World, Gintama, Steins; Gate, Midori Days

If you have any queries about my blog, then please free to contact me.